Wedding In Galilee Summary

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Furthermore, as it has been discussed previously, the notion of the body is strongly linked to the idea of land and territory. By looking at the history of the land, it can be seen that the occupied Palestinian Territories once were Palestinian lands. Thus, Israel is completely blocking any type of national sovereignty to the Palestinian people. In Wedding in Galilee, Michel Khleifi emphasizes the fact that the Palestinian land existed a long time before the Israelis occupied it. As illustration, the grand father of the family has been through the several dominations of this territory successively by the Ottoman Empires, « Turks » ; the British mandate and finally the Israeli occupation. Palestinians are not just refugees, they form a community…show more content…
More precisely, the final scene of the movie seems like a smaller reproduction of the bigger idea of the conflict. Starting on the side of the Minister of Defence, the scene shows the two sides of the wall separating Israel and the West Bank by using a crane shot passing above the wall. Emphasised by a pan camera move on the left, the wall is set to symbolise the Palestinian lack self-determination, as they result in being physically impeded to move out of their territory. Then, when the camera reaches the other side of the wall, it shows a high angle long shot of Salma wandering in her lost lemon grove. At this point, music stops, leaving the spectator to the desolation of the Palestinian territory. Salma is alone in the frame and as she walks on the remaining dry weed of her grove, a feeling of emptiness is created towards the spectator. Then, the wall reappears in a medium close-up of Salma’s back as she faces the wall. In front of this massive piece of grey concrete, the feeling of oppression gets bigger and stronger. Loosing her lemon trees equated to loosing a part of herself, the pride and dignity that she had in her look in the beginning of the film is gone. On this final note, the film leaves with the idea that there is no more space available for actual emancipation movement that avoids the use of violence. In fact, the Palestinian people are not protected by the law since the law will always be on the side of
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