Wedding Mistakes Analysis

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10 Most Common Wedding Colour Mistakes You Should Totally Avoid

All the preps for your big day are almost done. Right from flowers, to décor to your attired, everything is in place. We know you and your loves ones must have taken every minute detail under consideration to make your special day extremely memorable for you.
But, wait a second - did you consider the colour palette? You won’t want the guests to leave with strained eyes, save them from a Technicolour nightmare by the end of the whole affair, right?
Yes, colour choice truly makes that much of a difference for your big day. Selecting the right colours would sync everything in your wedding, from yours bridesmaid to the flowers. Avoiding some colour choice mistakes can actually define your wedding as beautiful and elegant.
Worry not, we tell you 10 colour mistakes that you should totally avoid on your special day:
Too many colours: We know all of us love all the colours.
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We strongly recommend you find out the colours used for the venue décor. For say, if the venue has red curtains, using bright orange or any form of green scheme would definitely clash. Use venue colours as your guide, and plan other hues accordingly. Or an easy solution would be to find a venue which doesn’t have bright colour in any form, so that you can easily merge your favourite hues with them. Try and complement your colour choice with that of the venues, such as dark with light and vice versa, in order to avoid potential clash.
Forgetting the flowers: Red flowers in red décor? Naah. They would just merge and spoil the entire décor. Instead, ask your florists to use flowers that complement the interior colours. You can also use neutral flowers that will go well, not compete with the colour scheme. Try to find out about the seasonal flowers, since not all the flowers would be available all the time, and plan the non-floral elements
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