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People who are opting for an overseas wedding is becoming increasingly popular for wedding planners due to reliable weather conditions, reasonable costs and the opportunity for couples to combine the wedding and honeymoon together. It can vary to plan an overseas wedding for a wedding planner depending on the services they provide. Some wedding planners will provide both UK and overseas services while others just provide one or the other.
The first thing the wedding planner needs to do on the first meeting is establish if the client wants an overseas wedding, it’s then necessary to arrange a further meeting soon after the first so they can establish what type of overseas wedding they want. Planning an overseas wedding requires even more stringent
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Once the wedding planner has a firm idea of the country in which the clients wish to have their wedding so that some of the preliminary planning can take place such as identifying potential hotels, venues, churches and suppliers of goods and services locally.
One the clients have chosen the destination it’s up to the wedding planner to go through a checklist of items that will need to be planned for, including any special requirements for any guests attending. This is so that if any guests are wheelchair bound attending the wedding it would not be viable to attend a mountain top gazebo, which is why it’s vital the wedding planner investigates as much information as possible from their clients before booking starts so that they are fully aware of what the clients require for their special day. As well as finding out all necessary information in regards to the clients wishes and needs the wedding planner also needs to find out what type of ceremony their clients require, whether it’s a traditional wedding in the country of choice, or civil ceremony with a blessing by a local clergyman. This is an important detail for a wedding planner

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