Weekly Reflective Report

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A regular activity in which I partake in twice a week is working at Rouge Valley Centenary Hospital 's neonatal intensive care unit as a co-op student. While some of my work consists of organizing files, cleaning charts and restocking supplies, I often help run various clinics in pediatrics as well as labour and delivery. Some include non stress tests, breastfeeding clinics, Respiratory syncytial virus clinics and neonatal follow up clinics. Through this experience I have developed many skills such as effective communication, cultural sensitivity, resourcefulness and problem solving. Another activity I take part in weekly is peer mentoring, a program my school offers which allows younger students to seek assistance from senior students in academic, extracurricular and social needs.…show more content…
For example, if my mentee needs guidance with a subject I am unfamiliar with, I am motivated to think outside the box and be resourceful in order to work together and master the skill needed to be successful in the task at hand. In addition, outside of school I volunteered on a weekly basis with Canadian Young Judaea as a member of the organization’s youth
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