Weekly Self Reflection

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Weekly Self S.O.A.P - A. S- Discuss your SUBJECTIVE feelings for this week:
This week I finished my rotation in the emergency room. I felt very comfortable in this unit. I was able to put to practice what I have been learning during lecture by triaging and assessing patients. I was able to work in the trauma area and in area 4, where they hold “non urgent” patients. It was interesting to see the difference between the areas. Although I enjoyed both, I was busier in the trauma area.

O - Discuss an OBJECTIVE summary of interventions and skills you performed this week:
In the emergency department I was able to do initial assessments of the patients as they initially arrive and every 2 hours there after. I was able to hang IV solutions as boluses. I was able to administer po medications of HTN. I also administered IV pushes for pain and gastric acid prophylaxis. I was able to start 3 IVs. I was able to observe and help during a Trauma code, stab wound. The trauma code was not what I expected, but I at least was able to see the different roles that each individual plays during a code.

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Unfortunately, one of the IVs infiltrated when we started a NS bolus. I was very upset about this because the patient was in pain due to the infiltration. My nurse explained that this does not make me a “bad” nurse. It happens to everyone, even the most experienced nurse. Fortunately, the patient was also very understanding, and was not upset. On the other hand, I felt more comfortable being on my own during my assessments and asking the right questions. I was also able to document more accurately and
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