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In the Table 1, the brand Weet-Bix is the biggest brand in the market. The table shows that Weet-Bix has the larger market share, penetration, average purchase frequency and share of category requirements and sole loyalty. First, market share is the proportion of sales obtained by a brand in comparison to the whole category. In the market share, Weet-Bix have 37%, Corn Flakes have 24%, special K have19%, Coco-Pops have 14% and Cheerios have 5%, it can know that the Weet-Bix have the bigger market share in the market. Second, penetration is the proportion of the market customer who has purchased your brand at least one in the measured period. In the penetration, Weet-Bix has 73%, Corn Flakes have 50%, special K have44%, Coco-Pops have 40%…show more content…
In the average purchase frequency, Weet-Bix have 2.3, Corn Flakes have 2.2, Special K have 2.0, Coco-Pops have 1.6 and Cheerios have 1.1, it show that the average number of times Weet-Bix buyers have bought Weet-bix more in the given time period. Fourth, category buying rate is the average number of time buyers purchases from a category in a particular time period. Also the category buying rate is measure that the average number of times the brand buyer have bought from the category in the given time period. In the category buying rate, the brand Weet-bix have 5.4, Corn Flakes have 5.9, Special K have 7.0, Coco-Pops have 7.1 and Cheerios have 8.5, it show that the largest category buying rate is Corn Flakes which is different with the other ranking in the table, also the Weet-Bix is behind them. Fifth, share of category requirements is the proportion of overall category purchases made by the brand buyers that has been ‘devoted’ to the brand. In the share of category requirement, Weet-bix has 43%, Corn Flakes has 37%, Special K have 28%, Coco-Pops have 23% and Cheerios have 13%, it show that the Weet-bix is the larger in this ranking and the second is Corn

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