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Having a baby is a tremendous moment in every woman’s life. You have someone to call you”mommy” and no matter how tired you are, you are always happy when you wale up at nights to nurse him or her. Having a baby is a happiness and it cannot be described by a thousands of words.
However, you want to shed your extra pounds. Yes, you want to be back in shape and find out how to lose weight fast after your baby arrives in your life. You want to be like some celebs who can reduce their fat after giving birth and they have their sexy bodies back again! Is there the best way to lose weight after pregnancy? How long does it take to reduce belly fat? Is it possible for me to lose weight and take care of my little one at the same time?
First thing first, there is
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Ironically, between 40 and 60 percent of pregnant women gain weight more than the recommended amount, according to Dr. Jacinda Nicklas, an assistant professor of internal medicine at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.
There are other factors too that contribute to your weight loss program after pregnancy such as age, health conditions, and so on.
Here are some important facts you need to know about postpartum losing weight:
 Breastfeeding helps shed pounds, but is not your diet
This is the best way to lose weight after pregnancy. Former Glee star Naya Rivera cut 30 pounds in two months after the delivery. She only breastfed and did low-impact exercises. However, your body needs nutritious food to boost your milk’s production. Therefore, do not use breastfeeding as your diet.

 Your mom’s belly has nothing to do with your uterus
A woman’s uterus stretches to allow your precious one see the world. But six weeks after that, it will get back to normal. While your mom’s belly is a stored fat you got during your

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