Weight Training Research Essay

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There are many researches of weight training, also known as strength and resistance training, and the benefits that are found vary from controlling health problems to improvement of physical abilities. However, there are not many of the studies focusing on how weight training affects youths’ health until recent years. Most studies investigating the impacts on adult subjects and seniors. This paper will present some studies that have explored the effects of weight training on teenagers, including the potential benefits and risks. Chaabene, Granacher, Hachana, Hammami, and Negra (2016) conducted a training program on pre-pubertal soccer players. The training program consisted 12-week high-velocity resistance training (HVRT) from low-to-moderate load in addition to regular training as the comparison of youth players with regular training only. The assessments included tests of muscle strength, jump ability, linear speed, and change of direction. They claimed that “In summary, in-season low-to-moderate load HVRT conducted in combination with regular soccer training is a safe and feasible intervention…show more content…
Darvishi, Kordi, Rafiee, and Shirvan (2014) explained that the range of motion (ROM) has a critical role in the performance of movements and that they wanted to investigate the role of related exercise on decreasing the ROM. To evaluate the impact, the performance of overhead throwing was compared between weight training participants (WT) and non-weight training participants (NW). They found out the ROM of internal and external rotation of the shoulder was lower in WT than in NW subjects (P<0.05), and angular displacement of the shoulder and elbow also demonstrated significant differences (P=0.049 & P=0.045) between the two groups of subjects. Another finding was that movement pattern would be negatively influenced in the kinetical
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