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Diets are a daily part of many people's lives. Surrounded with words with Carbohydrates, Glycemic Index and Glucose some people don’t want to have to spend too much time researching how to lose weight. The Weight Watchers diet is a simple and effective method at losing weight and not changing what you eat. The claim that Weight Watchers makes, is that if you follow their pointsplus system of eating that you can lose up to two pounds per month. Many people also are however on the other side and are saying that for example that Weight Watchers is a low carb diet (which can actually make you gain weight, not lose it). There were two studies which both proved that the Weight Watchers fad dieting program was effective at losing weight over a short and long sustained period of time. Although not everybody who use this diet lost the claim of two pounds, there were still significant results which proved the diet effective. In 2006, researchers from the British Medical Journal found that when looking at the…show more content…
To add on to the study above, the researchers found that after studying the data taken from the participants they found that the data “demonstrated that Atkins, WW, and Zone achieved modest and similar long-term weight loss.” Further on in their conclusions they write that “data are conflicting and insufficient to identify one popular diet as being more beneficial than the others.” This was similar to the results in the first one which said more or less that the Weight Watchers pointsplus program is effective but isn’t anything special when comparing it to other fad

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