Weight Watchers Research Paper

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Weight Watchers is the one company that seems to understand the difficulties of losing weight and gives people options to help them along. They are always changing and improving its program. What makes them famous is their points system where different food recipes have a certain number of points. Weight Watchers is America 's trusted name in weight loss and the global leader in weight-loss services.

They have a scientifically proven approach to weight loss based on eating healthy, exercising, and learning how to make the small changes that can lead to lasting weight loss. Weight Watchers is designed to help people lose weight at the safe rate of up to two pounds per week. Weight Watchers is also flexible, which makes it easier to follow, and its cost is affordable for a commercial program. …show more content…

Weight Watchers customer base is mostly made up of younger women who gravitate towards group activities. Men are increasingly becoming their newest clients. Couples tend to have a fun time their because weight loss becomes a competition now. Weight Watchers holds over 50,000 weekly meetings where members receive group support and education about healthy eating patterns, behavior modification, and physical activity. …show more content…

Points are assigned based on your current weight. Points are deducted when you exercise to encourage an even healthier program. Points are basically just a way of counting calories, but they are weighted to count higher depending on the amount of fat and a little lower depending on the amount of

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