Weightlifting Research Paper

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WEIGHTLIFTING, SUPPLEMENTS, AND STEROIDS Weightlifting has become increasingly more popular as the years go by. The first record of someone using weight training dates back to ancient Greece. Many different people used resistance training, people like the Egyptians, ancient Chinese, the Indians, and many others but the first were the Greeks (Todd). Stories say that the great wrestler Milo of Croton would train by running with a newborn calf every day until it was fully grown. In the second century a Greek physician who went by the name Galen, used halteres. A haltere is an early form of the dumbbell. These halteres that they used were usually a piece of wood with lead inside, a rock with a wax coating, or a piece of wood with lead inside and a wax coating. These halteres were used for a variety of exercises. Galen made an article on what the halteres could be used for, he wrote a lot about jumping exercises, such as broad jumps, high jumps, and jumping from low to high places. The Greeks were not very knowledgeable…show more content…
Some people lift for modeling, football, baseball, and pretty much any other sport that requires strength. Some people lift weights as an art form almost. To sculpt your body in a certain way you have to workout in a certain way. This is how it's an art form people form their body into art. In order to form a thick, muscular body, you have to workout with heavy weight and low reps then after you get past your goal you start to cut while maintaining muscle. "Cutting" is when you try to lose fat while keeping muscle and definition. In order to do this most people eat tons of protein, and vitamins, with low carbs and low fat. There is many ways to diet low carbs with low fat, complex carbs only with good fats only, complex carbs only, no carbs and low good fats, proteins, the list goes on and on. You just have to find the right diet for you. Some people prefer an aesthetic body so they
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