Weird Sisters In Macbeth

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The weird sisters play an important role in introducing Macbeth to what would lead to a disastrous action and this will be argued with reference to Macbeth as a whole.
Upon the first meeting one has with the character Macbeth, one interprets his personality to be that of a proud soldier who is only concerned for his service to his country. This is until his first meeting with the weird sisters who, mindful of the damage it could cause, deliver prophecies that spark the flame of an over – ambitious desire that will later lead to the downfall of Macbeth.
Although Macbeth has reason not to trust the weird sisters as they “look not like th' inhabitants o' th' Earth”, he is so “rapt” by the idea of what he hears from them that he does in fact trust them and he does so because of his desire for what is
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He is “fated” to become king – this is known to the weird sisters, who also know that ambition is his hamartia. In this way, they orchestrate this “hurly - burly” and are keen on watching the catastrophe unfold before them.
Considering the fact that these thoughts that “shake” the “single state” of Macbeth only take place after hearing the prophecies of the weird sisters, one can deduce that his own uninfluenced ambition would not have led him to such disastrous actions. Macbeth tries to console his “black and deep” desires by telling himself that “chance” will give him the crown, but the weird sisters awake such a murderous ambition within him that he cannot tame his own mind and consequently finds himself following a “dagger of the mind” to commit an action so grievous that the trustworthy soldier within him will never have enough peace to “sleep” again.
The weird sisters play an important role in the play as the uninfluenced ambition of Macbeth would not have led to disastrous actions and this has been argued with reference to Macbeth as a

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