Graduation Speech: Welcome To The Wonderful World Of Weird !

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Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of weird!
With the start of tomorrow it will be that time of year again when food rules over our lives. There will be multiple dinners with family and friends one after another after another until we bring in the new year. The holiday season always brings good food, good company (hopefully anyway), and wishing all your pants had elastic waistbands. To honor the season of overindulgence, this week 's post will be about none other than food.
Perhaps you are tired of the same old same old every year and would like to spice up your family traditions with some new cuisine. Well you are in luck because I have prepared a list of new ideas that will liven up your Thanksgiving dinners. Be warned, however, there are no comfort zone suggestions here such as turkey and mashed potatoes. If you are brave enough to actually try any of these, please do be sure to tell me all about your experiences. Without
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Back in May of 2014 I was in London with my family, and on one of the last nights there we decided to try out a steak house called The Meat Co. The menu offered all the items you would expect such as hamburgers and various cuts of beef steak, but when my eye caught the word kangaroo I had to do a double take. Kangaroo steak, how could I possibly resist that? I 'm not really sure what I was expecting, but it sure wasn 't the piece of meat the waiter placed on the table in front of me. It looked like a normal steak, slightly darker than beef, but otherwise ordinary. The taste, however, was quite unique. It was as if someone had taken beef and removed all the fat, and then added a sharp, slightly gamey flavor. Once I finally got my mind to stop trying to compare it to cow, I was able to appreciate it. It was served quite a bit more raw than I usually like, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Just because you may not live in Australia doesn 't mean you can 't experience a little of the

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