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In spite of the tribulations mentioned prior, refugees lives will turn “back again” as they commence to feel a sense of normality once they have attained the skill to become resilient towards said tribulations.Resilience channels itself in many forms, such as standing up to a tormentor.This is how Ha becomes resilient when she attains the intrepidity to defend herself against a tormentor that attends her school, which she denominates as”Pink Boy” due to the actuality that he is an albino. This young man has ridiculed Ha predominantly for her physical appearance, which has humbled her to a significant extent. The tormenting involved verbal derogation and invasion of personal space. Deciding to cease being pusillanimous in these certain situations…show more content…
When Ha and her family immigrated to The United States, Ha was rather pusillanimous and conducted herself in a timorous manner when presented with situations similar to the latter. She permitted contempt targeted towards her and didn 't make the slightest effort to defend herself. In addition to “verbal self -defense”, refugees exhibit resilience by exhibiting determination. The article “Welcome To America.Pack A Parka”by Jessica Huseman centers around the perseverance exhibited by teenage refugees when attending in English classes provided by The Newcomer’s Center in Anchorage, Alaska. Huseman primarily documents sisters Florence Mbabazi (Age 16) and Denise Mbabazi’s(Age 14) experiences in The Newcomer’s Center. Native to the Democratic Republic Of Congo, both sisters along with three other siblings and their mother migrated to The United States after spending approximately seventeen years in Northern Rwanda’s Gihembe Refugee Camp. Upon immigrating to the United States both sisters have a limited apprehension of The English Language, nonetheless, they persevered through the challenge of learning a new language in spite of their

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