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To find the purpose of R.L. Stine 's Goosebumps Welcome To Dead House you first need understand the purpose of horror movies. Horror movies are made to scare people that is its main point. When people get scared their adrenaline starts pumping and their survival instincts start to kick in. Some people love to be scared or are just adrenaline junkies. Adrenaline junkies are always looking for the next way to be scared and a good way to be scared is to watch a scary movies. Scary movies are for adults, but kids can enjoy them to. Kids can enjoy being scared, just as much as adults. That is where the purpose of Goosebumps comes into play. Goosebumps purpose is to scare children, but entertain them as well. It uses the theatrical elements of an…show more content…
Stine found a way to let children enjoy being scared as much as adults, but with out scaring them or making them unwilling to sleep in their own bed at night. Children don 't understand what adrenaline is or how it works, but they love the high they get from it. It is very intriguing how purpose, audience, and stance collides with each other so well in this instance. In some rhetorical situations the purpose, stance, and audience are not able to be connected to each other as well as this situation is. The medium of this is a book, but it has also been into movies and a series on television. Although reading is probably the best for children to get a good scare from Goosebumps. You don 't get the same affect reading as you would watch it on TV. TV makes the genre the best possible way to get the most amount of scare possible. If you read, you don 't get the same noises and sight, While watching Goosebumps, you feel as if you are right there in the movie. As the music gets louder and more suspenseful your body starts to pump adrenaline through your system. Your nerves become more and more on edge. The suspense builds as the plot thickens. Books are great and all but the feelings you get are just not the same as if you were watching it. Movies and the series are the best viewing experience and the correct genre needed for this specific instance. The whole point is to be scared. That means Mr. Stine needed to write very suspensefully. If he chose a different style to…show more content…
Dogs have a very keen sense about themselves to identify when something or someone isn 't right. As soon as they moved into town the dog when haywire. This logical appeal shows the credibility dogs have in identifying problems. Mr Stine uses all these emotions, appeals, and strategies to make the perfect horror movies for children. The author 's strategies help the author achieve his goals of scaring child but entertaining. If the author didn 't use his ability to write suspense fully the scare factor wouldn 't have come out as well as it should have. Writing in a formal manner as if he was writing a letter to the president the amount of sophisticated words would have easily confused the viewers and made the story unreadable to the specific audience. The way Mr. Stine wrote and designed the movie is perfect for his goal. The Specific design choices, for instance of using the daughter as the only one getting a creepy feeling about the house they lived in making the story relate to young girls. When the son hates that he has to move its make boys relate to him and how they wouldn 't like moving. Leaving all your friends and family behind to move to a far away place is a hard thing. Using this design feature shows how the author connects the audience with the family in the movie and the book. Some other design choices that affected the writing is how the house was old

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