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Shabbat rituals in the form in which it does exist at the present time is mainly developed in the Middle Ages. However, some rituals, especially those that are mentioned in the Talmud, is undoubtedly very archaic. For example , the circumcision ritual that consists of three actions: milah — cutting the foreskin with a knife, peri 'ah — ripping the membrane with a fingernail, and mezizah — applying the mouth to the baby 's bleeding penis and sucking blood from the wound.
Welcoming Shabbath is starts on the preporation day that it is on Friday evening. Before Shabbat begins it is accepted to light candles just few minutes before sunset. Usually it is done by the mother of the family. This ritual is known in the Mishnah and is one of the basic requirements, mandatory for women. According to the Mishnah, a violation of this provision, along with the failure to separate the commandments share dough for the Sabbath bread and a violation of the prohibition of sex - it is one of the leading causes of death of women in childbirth. This ritual went on to become characteristic of other Jewish holidays.
Different beliefs, according to which the candles lighted on the Sabbath, keep the inhabitants of the house from the insidious spirits, were common in some communities
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Dinner on Shabbat evening which is on Friday night, then lunch on Shabbat day on Saturday, and a third meal is in the late Saturday afternoon. Dinner starts with a blessing over braided challah, that is double bread. The custom of furnace special bread for Shabbat, as well as an order to arrange this day three festive meals, refers to the first centuries BC . According to the Talmudic story, women had to bake bread on Friday that he was ready before the Sabbath. Before the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple women should give to the priest a piece of dough - as a reminder of the share which they sacrificed to the deity while eating

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