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My Career Goal As an adult, I have worked in many jobs, but always dreamed of becoming a Welding teacher. I learned to weld at an early age and became certified Welder by the age of 19.According to Merriam-Webster a welder is a person whose job is to weld material together ("Welder"). Welding requires permanently joining pieces of metals, a technique used in construction and manufacturing. A welding instructor is a person who has on the job experience as a welder and has also completed a degree or training program in welding techniques. When I first started welding, there was a labor shortage in a number of skilled trades, particularly affecting the welding profession. I happened to have the opportunity to train as a welder and became great…show more content…
The educational and professional requirements needed to obtain this type of career vary depending on the degree or training. According to inside jobs, Welding instructors have an Associate’s degree or higher in welding technology (Instructor). According to El Camino College, to obtain an Associate in Science Degree, students must complete at least 60 units in degree applicable college courses (Certificates). I am currently signed up for my general education classes to fulfill my pre-requisite classes, as well as several courses specially designed for Welding Technology. These courses allowed me to be taught by actual Welding instructors, who have years of experience working in the trade of welding. Per El Camino College, welding courses included to get an Associate’s Degree are Introduction to Welding, Basic Welding Technology, Technical Mathematics, and Machine Tool Technology (Certificates).Professionals interested in becoming a Welding instructor typically receive education at community colleges, vocational schools and other private training schools. Welding instructors normally work several years in the industry to gain specialized experience before becoming…show more content…
Welding jobs can be found everywhere worldwide. This particular trade is rare and in demand because the need to build is endless. According to Labor Statistics, the top 3 states that hire welders are Texas, California, and Pennsylvania (Statistics). But the need for welder can be found throughout the United States. According to Labor Statistics, the major employers of this trade are Electric Power Generation plants, Natural Gas Distribution companies, Pipeline Transportation of Crude Oil, and other Pipeline Transportation industries

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