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Welding is a really good career path to do because you can meet all kinds new people and you can travel all over the world but the but the traveling welders jobs typically get payed the most and there is no shortage of openings and welders who travel for a living and they are known as road worriers if you want to and it has really good insurance and good benefits and welding is so fun and cool .In welding you will learn how to weld with sick and the mig in overhead, vertical ,flat and horizontal and you learn how to single pass tee in all positions and open but and close but in all positions and laps in all positions and you will learn how to cut with the torch and you will learn how to yous the plasma cuter and the ark gowger. And the median hourly wage start out making $21.00 to $23.00 per hour but you will get a…show more content…
And it takes you about 8 months to get certified in welding but it took me 3 months to get certified if you want to receive advanced training you will learn how to weld a fuw new welding techniques such as SMAW flux core, tig,mig processes for use in pipe welding and manufacturing applications and pipe fitting skills and if you want to work for industrial shutdown it last from a few months for most people doing this type of work the traveling is done within about a 1000 mile radius of your home and if you do work the shutdown you typically spend six month on the road and six month

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