Welding Career Research Paper

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In some societies, students are expected to identify a career by the time they enter high school. Their courses of study in high school are selected to guide them toward a specific career. I do not think it is a good idea because the students are not old enough to know what career they actually want, they do not know what the job is fully about, and they may have several different careers they like. Students are not old enough to know what career they actually want. Many of times students say the want to be a doctor, but when they get close to that career they tend not to like it as much anymore. Students tend to wonder off that path they chose to take first, but they get right on a different path and still end up with an amazing…show more content…
Finally, students could have several different careers they might would like to try. That certain student could like to weld, but then at the same time do small engine work too. They are many different careers in the world and a student in the ninth grade is not going to be able to know what they want to do. A student could say they like welding, but when they go to make it a career and they end up not liking it. That is a big reason why they should not pick a career at a young age. Some people may agree on the topic because their students would already have the career they wanted picked out. Some teachers may like their students panning for the future to where they know what they want to do and what they do not want to do. They could even want them to start learning a career early than what most students do. They may also think that planning real early is also a better thing for the future. The students sometimes want to plan their career early, but at times it does not always work out like they planned. They could say that they like that career but when reality comes they might not like it as good. It is to early in a students life to pick and career in the ninth grade. They need a couple of years
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