Welding Failure Essay

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In the welding field the the cause of a failure is a high price to pay. When a welder slacks off at there job others can suffer as a result. First, is personal injury caused by improper safety procedures. Next is a welding failure do to improper welding use. Finally, reputation damage as a result of product not being up to code.

When a welder dose not use proper Ppe
(Personal protection equipment) such as jacket,helmet,and gloves. When welders do not use proper protection injuries can occur and the delay products or cause serious health issues.by not wearing eye protection which can causes blindness dew to the ultraviolet rays. 2nd and 3rd degree burns can be caused by the intense heat of the welding process. a welder that follows proper
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when a welding failure occurs everyone pays the price . to insure the safety of workers and civilians every welder must follow every rule to insure the safety of themselves and others.

Finally, not only is physical damage taken from a welding failure but reputation damage can also occur. when welding damage is present someone must be to blame being the company or the workers someone is at fault. failures can lead to contract loss that can affect a business income and possible layoffs.if someone is directly to blame there job could also be terminated if at fault . law suits can also happen if property or physical damage is present. These law suits can lead to costly times and shutdown with possible bankruptcy . a reputation is everything to a company and any failures can be devastating to business of any size.

In conclusion, welding failures are nothing to smirk at . Causing costly investments and business loss failures can be devastating. From harming the environment to others welding malfunctions are very dangerous. When a welder dose not follow proper procedures everyone pays the price. Every rule is put in its place for one reason safety and welding is no

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