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A Project Report On KATTWYK BRIDGE Mechanical and Automation Engineering Submitted to: - Submitted by:- Assistant Professor Anupam Sarma Mr Naveen Kumar A205413103 4MAE2X Amity University Noida Uttar Pradesh 201303 Acknowledgement We express deep sense of gratitude to our guide Mr. Naveen Kumar (Faculty Guide) for encouraging us to make the project on Kattwyk Bridge. His dedication and keen interest above all to help his students has been solely and mainly responsible for completing our work. His timely advice, meticulous scrutiny, scholarly advice and scientific approach has helped us to a very great extent to accomplish this task. I also owe a deep sense of gratitude to Mr.…show more content…
A jigsaw with a bevel functions on the sole plate allows cutting angles of 45 degrees relative to the normal vertical stroke for cutting joints. Here the jigsaw machine has been used to cut off the edges of the rods at an angle, so that it is easy to attach the rods.  WELDING MACHINE- A welding machine is an important device that is used provides an electric current to do the welding operation. Welding needs high current (more than 80 amperes) and it requires above 12,000 amperes in spot welding. Low current may also be used for it. Welding can be performed with power supply as simple as a car battery and can be as sophisticated as a high-frequency inverter that uses IGBT technology, with the computer control in order to assist in the welding process. HERE- Voltage -220 V Current-80 A Company – Eagle  HAND GRINDER (ANGLE GRINDER) - A hand grinder, also known as a disc grinder or disc grinder, is a handheld power tool used for grinding and cutting and also for

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