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Welding Opportunities In the article ' ' Welding a profession in need of workers ' ' the author, Chris Lusvardi, talks about the welding profession and the lack of skilled workers in the near future. This article also explains some of the methods people from the industry are taking to encourage young students to pursue a career in welding. The author explains that projections show that 2024 the industry will face a shortage of 374,000 workers nationwide. The article talks about the need of welders to build infrastructure we need for our daily life needs like bridges and power plants. One of the parts that interest me the most is the sentence where the author said ' ' with the proper training, stopnick said, welding should be seen as a safe profession ' '. The purpose of the article is to let the readers know that welding is a safe and easy to learn craft that is needed in order to have many of our commodities we enjoy day to day. As a welding student this article lets me know that there are many opportunities in this field and that there are many paths to success. As a student learning this craft, I know that it sounds more dangerous than what it really is. Society has also labeled this career as a man only but I have seen…show more content…
In my personal view of this article, I think that the author just got a tiny glimpse at what the actual welding career is. Mr. Lusvardi wrote this article for a newspaper therefore he mainly focused in his region but this career is practiced worldwide. I believe his stats are very accurate but still missing the big picture. This article in my opinion would be very important to an undecided student. There are many high school seniors that still don 't know what major they would like to take in college, they might know they like to work in the outdoors and doing stuff using their hands but they can 't decide between safety inspector or welding. Reading articles like the one mentioned above could help the student in making

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