Welfare Argument Essay

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A perfect human society may never exist. Because of this, flawless equality may never be reached. Whether it is socially or economically, there will always be a group less fortunate than the rest. For example, in modern day society, over 100 million citizens in America are living in poverty, totaling to over 35 percent of the population who are in need. This has caused the creation of many government welfare programs, such as Child Care and LIHEAP. Despite their situation, there is overwhelming negative criticism to these welfare programs. Arguments against it include the belief that the people on welfare do not work hard enough to bring themselves out of poverty or are simply too lazy to work at all. Although in some cases this may be true,…show more content…
We have all heard of the saying, “An eye for an eye”. Though society tells us that if someone wrongs us, we should have revenge in order to meet justice, it is not the best option. Hate will only generate further hate, and thus, disputes will be infinite. On the contrary, when hate is met with compassion, forgiveness is will develop and the vision of a more peaceful future is advanced. People are able to resolve seemingly endless conflict and create peace when compassion is present. For example. during World War II, many atrocities occurred. War seemed inexhaustible, as millions of civilians and soldiers perished. However, even in war there is compassion. In 1943, 2nd Lt. Charlie Brown was flying a B-17 bomber aircraft in a successful mission. But even though the mission was a success, the B-17 was holding on by a few screws and prayer, as it came under attack by hostile forces, which knocked out the plane’s oxygen, hydraulic, and electrical systems. Most of the crew were injured and the trail gunner was killed. By some miracle, Luftwaffe pilot, Franz Stigler, came across the bomber in his fighter jet. Franz Stigler only needed one more enemy kill to earn his Knight’s Cross, a prestigious award. Instead of destroying the bomber after seeing the terrified crew, Stigler escorted the bomber plane and ensured its safety, saving the lives of his sworn enemy. Franz Stigler is a great example of a person who
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