Welfare Should Be Tested Essay

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The question many people ask, should people on welfare be tested? First off, what is welfare, welfare is financial support that is given to the ones in need. The government has created many welfare programs, for example, TANF, Medicaid, Childs Health Insurance Program, Food Stamps, Supplemental Security Program, Earned Income Tax Credit, Housing Assistance and many more programs. Federal government will provide the funding, but where does the federal government get the money from? The federal government will get the money out of the tax payers. Eventually the funds will go to the states, and the states will administer them. TANF stands for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, the program is limited, helps provide assistance to needy families so children may be cared for. Requirements for TANF, is whoever receives this help must obtain a job within two years, also they are not allowed to own more than two-thousand dollars in total assets, they are only allowed to receive TANF up to five years or less. Medicaid is paid health care for low-income adults. Blind and disabled people are eligible for Medicaid, and low-income seniors. The Childs Health Insurance Program is similar to Medicaid but only children are allowed to receive benefits from the program. CHIP covers medical supplies, hospital care, tests, eye exams, dental care, and other check-ups. Food stamps is a supplemental nutrition assistance program. Supplemental Security Program is a program that provides cash to help the disabled, blind and the…show more content…
In my opinion participants of any welfare program should be drug tested no matter the circumstance, but where will they get the money to fund the drug tests. The money will be taken out of the tax payers, which means taxes will eventually go up overtime. Drug testing the participants will decrease the amount of people getting welfare. I have seen people that will receive the help but they are on drugs, or abusing the
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