Welfare To Low Income People Essay

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Less Government Aid (welfare) to Low-Income People I am here today to speak on the issues that have intrigued me; low-income people in the United States receiving government aid. After the Great Depression in the 1930’s struggling families a federally funded program was formed called Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF). This was created to help struggling families, though over the years the system has been heavily abused. Today about 35.4%(109,631,000) of Americans live in households that receive government assistance. This has negatively impacted America’s economic growth and from obtaining its full potential. This plan was enacted to ensure that low-income families could gain financial stability while also planning to improve their future. That has not been the case and many individuals typically don 't end up nine-to-fiving it, or go on to further their education(go on to a…show more content…
To conclude my speech I would like each and every one of you here today know that we can change the so called standards of our past generations. We all have the power to change the minds of our community and become our better selves. We all can stand strong together to empower each other on a daily basis. Welfare in our community will not be something that defines us as a whole. It should not be the corresponding trait between two people on a normal occurrence. Less or even a limited time frame given for welfare recipients will is an excellent way to help struggling families get back on their feet. They will not have to deal with the wrath or taking from their children. Enforcing this law much more precisely will teach members of our communities limits and how much we should depend on the government. Assistance should not be abused by any means necessary and will promote employment, which will overall all create a better economy for the future. This effect could possibly lower the tax rate, and even more money will go to schools and education which for us all is very
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