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Have you ever been a hero of your society? Well, Snow Treasure, written by Marie McSwigan, is an exciting story of Norse children who deliver gold for their country when Norway is in danger during World War II. This story of adventure is important to many generations of many people because it teaches the value of bravery and patriotism. I personally admire the character of Peter and his friends and feel that this is a great book to inspire many people in many countries. This story takes place in Norway, during World War II, in about 1940. The protagonist is Peter, who has an uncle, who has huge amount of gold, which can be Norway’s money. Peter helps his uncle keep the gold safe in America. Peter is always careful not to be caught by the antagonist,…show more content…
The events unfold as Peter hears about saving their country’s gold from his uncle and his father one day. Uncle Victor believes that Peter and other children at school will be able to save Norway’s gold from the Nazis. If adults secretly carry gold on their sleds, the Nazis would feel something suspicious. But if children did that, no, that wouldn’t be suspicious at all! Uncle Victor tells the four children, Peter, Michael, Helga, and Peter’s little sister, Lovisa, to bury the gold in the place with the two fallen trees and build the snowmen on the place where the gold is buried. At the first day of the gold-delivering, the Nazi infantry captain, who was in their way, thought that the children were just having fun, sledding, and he turned his army aside to avoid spoiling their sledding. After that day, the children buried the gold successfully every day. The children knew and were familiar with some of the Germans. Peter often saw the soldier with blue eyes who once looked at the children as if he wanted to go to sledding, too. The weather helped the Norse with the gold,…show more content…
Peter, Michael, Helga, and Lovisa help Uncle Victor with the gold. I believe that helping with a country’s treasure must take a lot of bravery. If the children weren’t brave, they wouldn’t have been able to do it. I think it’s the same with Jan Lasek. He was almost risking his life when he was saving Peter. He must have done it for many reasons, but most of all, he had bravery. Also, when the children had to pass by the Nazi troops, they must have been afraid. I think that strong patriotism of these children made them do it. During the mission, they even made pledge on a sword that they won’t say a single word to the Germans. Even though there were many hard situations, they had patriotism and didn’t say anything. The author of this book teaches us many things about bravery and patriotism. I hope many people read this book, and like these children, always have respect and love in their

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