Wellesley's Hathaway House Case

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Wellesley is a suburb of Boston Massachusetts. It borders Newton, Needham, Weston and Dover. The town was founded in 1881 and is full of rich history. There are many popular locations you should visit. As seen in my time lapse video I went to the dump, Town Hall, Wellesley Post Office, Central Street, Rocky Ledges and Elm Bank. Elm Bank was originally developed as private residence in the 17th century. Elm Bank was named in the 1740 when Colonel John Jones acquired the land. Later the land was given to the Loring, Broad and Otis families but was sold for $10,000 in 1874 to Benjamin Pierce Cheney. Mr. Cheney joined the Massachusetts Horticultural Society in 1864. He died in 1895 and his 200 acre property was later passed down to his oldest daughter…show more content…
Central Street is a road that stretches from Crest Road and the Weston Road bridge. Central Street was created in 1838. The road was originally called, “the road to North Natick.” Later in the 1830s the road became part of the Central Turnpike. This turnpike ran from Wellesley Hills Square to Hartford Connecticut. Later in 1853 the Central Turnpike closed due to railroad expansion. Central Street is filled with many shops for the locals and college students. On Central Street there was a Hathaway House Bookshop which was a popular location for Wellesley College Students. The first original Hunnewell School was located right off Central Street and was open for only 22 years. Later in 1892 the second Hunnewell School was built due to a population increase. Due to no zoning laws you had freedom to build whatever you wanted as long as you didn’t cross over property lines. One well known spot in the shopping district on Central Street was the Colonial Building. It was built in 1927 and was known as “Wellesley’s first mini-mall.” It was called this because of the wide variety of stores available. Some examples of the shops names were, Isabel Stratton (gowns), Mademoiselle Brunette’s La Parisian Beauty Salon, Milady’s Shoppe (lingerie, needlecraft, and hosiery), Dr. F. Wilbur Mottley’s dental offices, and The Dainty Shop (ice cream parlor). With multiple shops, came a parking garage capable of holding 175

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