Wellness Fair Reflective Report

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In my site there are many people with jobs that contribute in achieving their goal of wanting to provide health opportunities to those that do not.My department which is administration is in charge or organizing events. In specific my mentor is the administrative coordinator of the Urban Health Institute where she organizing events to help spread out to both the students and communities health awareness.We also work with many other people such as the director of the Urban Health Institute. But not only those in the Urban Health Institute help there 's people from other departments that help us or ask us how they could help. For example on February 25,2017 the Wellness Fair was organized to help increase the knowledge about the community 's health and help them also find information about their health. In this Wellness Fair there were many health institutes such as Martin Luther King Hospital that had information of health and there were also raffles and there was clothes being donated also.That day I went to volunteer and since in bilingual I was in charge of greeting people and telling them about the fair. My favorite experience of these events was that there was a homeless man with a cart and had hearing aid that was passing by and I asked him if he would like to go…show more content…
Before I wouldn 't have believed that little events like this would make a change but when I had this experience I realized how wrong I was because I saw how many people came asking for information regarding their health, which left me in awe.The event where it talked about nuclear weapons helped inform the people what are things that affect our health and how it could easily be prevented yet it is not. This event taught me alot I never knew, of how damaging weapons are much more in this country. Events like this whether they are big or small really do have an impact on people. Events like this do help achieve the goal of there being “health and wellness for all in the world without health
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