Wells Fargo Billing Glitch In Wells Fargo

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On January 17, Wells Fargo had a huge billing glitch that messed with many people’s accounts. Wells Fargo is a financial services company headquartered in San Francisco. Wells Fargo double-charged an unknown number of customers due to a technical error. The glitch reportedly affects customers registered to pay their bills automatically online. Wells Fargo promised that they would refund any related fees or charges to their customers who received the glitch. Many of the people affected were voicing their complaints on social media. Some of these include, “Three hours with no information. No details. Meanwhile we all have negative balances in our account because YOU took OUR MONEY.”, “...Wells Fargo is a joke. I have lost all faith in this…show more content…
The customers of Wells Fargo whose accounts were affected were massively impacted. So many customers stressed out when they got the notification that their bank accounts were now down to either $0 or a negative amount. This glitch had a “trickle down” effect which was definitely not good for the consumers. Like Cindy Alexander, she took money from another savings account to pay for the money that she “lost”. Taking the money out and putting it into her Wells Fargo account was not the hardest thing to do but then taking it out and putting it back could be quite a hassle. This happened to many people and most of the customers that did experience the glitch quickly left Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo jobs were affected by the billing glitch too. Somebody was responsible for starting this glitch which means that their job was in jeopardy because they caused so much negative things for the company and their customers. Individual people were also yelled at and complained to and were threatened because they “did not know how to do their jobs”. Lots of jobs were lost because of this glitch. Employers are going to lose their jobs in the future too. Wells Fargo plans to cut more than 800 bank branches by 2020 because some many incidents have
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