Wells Fargo: Organizational Strategy And Objectives

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Organizational Strategy and Objectives The foundation of Wells Fargo’s strategy is its focus on customers. The company’s strategy tends to drive the choices they make and also enable them to prioritize its efforts, differential from peers, and build a lasting value for customers, employees, communities, and shareholders. The diversified business model tends to provide the company with the stability and the strength as it assures communities and customers that it exists to serve them and also the future generations. The objectives of the company are to be the leader in financial services in areas of team member engagement, customer services and advice, shareholder value, innovation, corporate citizenship, and risk management (Wells Fargo n.d). Through the use of innovative technology, Wells Fargo aims at creating new kinds of lasting value for businesses and customers and also increase efficiency for the internal …show more content…

The strategies can be business level or corporate strategies. The business level strategies are the actions taken by an organization so as to have an advantage in a single market (Johnson & Scholes 2002). The corporate strategies are actions focused on gaining an advantage in multiple markets or industries. The strategic choice that an organization takes normally depends on the attractiveness of the industry and also its competitive position (Johnson & Scholes 2002). Thus, Wells Fargo applies the corporate strategy as the company has focused its operations in the banking industry. Wells Fargo tends to be the market leader in providing financial services (Touryalai, 2013). It is available in almost all industries including energy, government, technology, education, agribusiness and many others. They offer mortgage, banking, insurance, investment, and commercial finance (Wells Fargo

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