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In Welton Prep Academy School, there was a replacement for an English teacher, Mr. Keating who shows how there is a difference between realism and opinions. Mr. Keating opens the eyes of his fellow students and shows them to not fear for what they dream of but to “carpe diem” seize the day. I agree with Mr. Keating philosophies because it opens the minds of the young boys, who has a lot of pressure with their parents and their school. We all live by rules set for us to follow them but not all rules let us show who we really are, what we want to be. It teaches them what poetry is really about, that it isn't just words but it has emotions and a storyline behind every poetry. Mr. Keating love for what he teaches he doesn't just have a lecture of what is in the English book, but to feel it. I think that if a teacher love for what they teach that makes a big difference to a teacher not caring about the subject. It makes you want to learn about what part of that subject makes your teacher show passion towards their teaching methods. There was a quote that Mr. Keating also inspires me “ I stand upon my desk to remind myself that we must constantly look at things in a different way.” it inspires me that you have to look at things in one way there is any possibility to look at it from a different point of view. Mr. Keating show that walking in…show more content…
Keating during his departure because he gave us something to think of and we should thank him in the most honorable way he deserve. He gave something to appreciate of life and that we can make the best in everything depending if we try to carpe diem. I would have also said “O Captain! My Captain!” since the departure of Mr. Keating is gonna be a great loss to the students. The movie left me to think of what have I done with my life have I seize it or have I just went with the crowd. I will try to seize the day to every effort I can give it and I won't let nobody push from my path that was meant to
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