Wendelin Van Draanan's Flipped

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There are two main characters in the book Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanan named Bryce and Juli, but the character we will be focusing on is Bryce. Bryce has a fixed mindset in this realistic fiction story. There are many proven reasons and evidence why Bryce has fixed mindset. In Flipped, Bryce shows quotes that can show that he has a fixed mindset. First of all Bryce didn’t even try telling Juli about the whole egg situation until Juli found the egg cartons in the trash and that’s when Bryce said,” So I told her we were afraid of Salmonella poisoning because her yard was a mess and we were trying to spare her feelings. This shows that Bryce can’t tell Juli about their problem with Salmonella and now Juli is now mad Bryce of telling her.
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