Poem Analysis: Wendell Berry

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Wendell Berry begins the text by presenting the readers a clear title which principally sets the setting and over all gives the readers a thought of what the content will be about. In the first paragraph, Berry presents his argument by reviewing the topic 's two contradicting groups : the individuals who coexist with nature and other people who don 't. Berry decides to concentrate on the significance of the two groups and their differences and avoids voicing his own opinion. Then again, his comment on the perils of the contradicting groups clarifies the significance of the topic at hand and is fundamentally a persuasive element which induces the reader’s interest and persuades them to continue reading the text.

The text is written with diction that a great majority of readers will have the ability to comprehend. It has a convincing tone that is assertive and persuasive throughout, thus holding the foundation of the essay together. There are clear and logical transitions between the different parts of the text, and
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One illustration of comparison is where he compares humans to other creatures. With this correlation, Berry comes to the conclusion that humans have an animal impulse like all other creatures, ‘But unlike other creatures, humans must make a choice as to the kind and scale of the difference they make.’ With this method of persuasion, Berry’s intention is to emphasize and underline the contrasts between humans and other creatures thus convincing the reader that his statement is significant. Berry makes use of the method once again when he presents the readers with two examples from Gary Nabhan’s book : The Desert Smells Like Rain and compares them to persuade the readers of a statement that he previously had made saying that ‘nature and human culture, wildness and domesticity, are not opposed but are
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