Wendy's Theatre Framework

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The Wendy’s in Kearney, Nebraska has horrible customer care and slow service. Because of these reasons, I have completely stopped patronizing their service. Every time I have gone through the drive thru, they are slow to serve, I have to repeat my order at least once, and I am sitting at the drive thru window for my order for minutes on end. The few times I have gone inside to order, the cashier is yelling at another worker about interfering on our conversation and I have to repeat myself. They are slower to get the food to you than the drive thru. The theatre framework compares service delivery to a theatre performance by associating the way a theatrical performance is made up to impress members of the audience (26). This framework requires…show more content…
Delivery would refer to the way in which they go about their service. This would need to be in a timely, professional, and friendly way. Other aspects of the theatre framework include the setting, front stage aspects, and back stage aspects (26). The Kearney Wendy’s should use this framework to improve upon their customer experience. First, the setting of Wendy’s should be warm and inviting. Their employees should be friendly when approaching guests and be so intently focused on the customer’s needs that they would not have to ask them to repeat their entire order. Employees should not let background noise distract them from their customers’ orders. Front stage aspects of Wendy’s could also be improved. Their drive thru speaker should be updated for better hearing, their restaurant should be kept cleaned, and their employees’ demeanor should be enhanced. The whole point of a drive thru is to keep the interaction between employee and customer brief, but friendly and complete. When a customer is stuck at the drive thru speaker having to repeat their order, the interaction is dragged

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