Were Ancient Egyptian Slaves Treated Unfairly

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Yusuf El-Gamal 6-8 May The ancient Egyptian slaves were not treated fairly. The slaves in Ancient Egypt were treated unfairly because They were sent out of Egypt after being used to build pyramids that weigh 100 tons, they were used very harshly but given little water and food and last but not least, they were given no freedom at all. Firstly, the Ancient Egyptian slaves have been said to have been sent out to find another place to work after finishing a long project like building the pyramids. Some slaves were kept for farming and harvesting crops so they wouldn't starve. The average time a slave would be kept in the city would average from about 15-20 years, depending on how hard they worked, how many crops were harvested and if that man had a family (because there would be more crops given to the slaves family.) The slaves were also used to fight the Egyptian wars. They were given decent weapons, but the merchants and other people that were not in their social class were given better weapons. Once the war was over, the remaining slaves were either sent out of the city no matter what their condition was or they were kept for a little while longer. Most of the slaves who were kept a little longer usually died because of war injuries. (K.E Carr).…show more content…
People have all felt that feeling of just the slightest bit of water would quench their thirst, but in reality they guzzle down a whole bottle of it. Imagine being a slave working in about 90-100 degree weather and not getting a lot of water to help neutralize your body (Rachel

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