Were Canada Warriors Or Peacemakers Essay

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Were Canada Warriors or Peacemakers?
Were Canada warriors or peacemakers after the war? This has been a question that has been widely debated by various people and most of them have come to the conclusion that Canada are peacemakers. This is true because in most of the post-wars conflicts Canada has participated in, they have taken a peacekeeping roles; these wars being The Suez Crisis; where Canada resolved the crisis and prevented World War 3, The Bosnian War, where Canada protected the civilians and also helped resolve the conflicts and finally the Syrian-ISIS Conflict, where Canada started off as warriors but later on, changed to peacekeepers.
The Suez Crisis was a conflict between Egypt and Israel, England and France over the Suez canal, and it is the best example of how Canadians are peacekeepers. This is because The Suez Crisis was the first ever United Nation peacekeeping mission and it was headed by Lester B. Pearson who is known for his diplomacy skills. (Tattrie, 2006) At first, Lester B. Pearson stopped Canada from taking a side in this crisis, but when he saw how far this crisis had escalated and how it
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Bosnia was a multi-ethnic country and because of this conflicts in the country arose, it involved the Serbians, Croatians and Bosniaks. (Granatstein, 2006) The UN saw how dangerous this war would become and sent a group of peacemakers to resolve the war. Canada was one of the countries chosen to help in peacekeeping and they not only resolved the crisis but they also helped the civilians in Bosnia by building roads, schools and buildings.(Granatstein, 2006) Canadian peacemakers also helped create ‘safe zone’ areas where people were guaranteed safety and the wounded were also treated in these areas. (Granatstein, 2006) During the Bosnian war the Canadian troops not only resolved the crisis but also helped the civilians in the country and in doing so also risked their

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