Were The American Colonists Justified Analysis

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Question Were the American colonists justified in declaring independence from the British? I think the American colonist were justified in declaring their independence. First, the British unfairly taxed the colonist. Secondly, the British made unfair laws. Thirdly, king George broke the laws he made and the American colonist wanted that to stop. This is why the American colonist were justified for their independence. The British took advantage of taxing the colonist. First, the British taxed the colonist after the French & Indian war. The British taxed us so they could get money for weapons soldiers etc. Secondly, the British made the stamp act. The stamp act placed a tax on all printed paper. Third, the British state “without money the government would not be able to function”. The British thought making the people who started the war pay it off. This is how the British unfairly taxed the American colonist. The British made unfair laws against the people. First the British made the Navigation act. The Navigation act only allowed goods to be transported in British ships, and if the colonist took one of their boats the British would sink it. Secondly, the British made the quartering acts. The quartering acts insisted the…show more content…
First, the Americans wanted the rights they had back. The Sons of liberty violently protested against king George for the rights they deserved. Secondly, the American colonist had the Boston tea party. At night the american colonist dressed up as indians and boarded a British ship and threw what today is worth 1 million dollars of tea into the ocean. Thirdly, the Sons of liberty wrote the declaration of independence. The declaration was sent to king George with 27 complaints about the British and it got accepted, so the Americans made their own government. This is how the americans were unpleased with king georges laws so the Americans made their
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