Were The Founding Fathers Justified Essay

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In 1607, the first British-American colony was founded at Jamestown, Virginia. Within the next 160 years over 2 million people would migrate to, or be born in the colonies. Later in the mid 1700’s, three men arose who would one day change the course of history and shape the world as we know it today. These three men were named George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin, names who most people will recognize as the Founding Fathers of the United States and the men who led the American Revolution. A question has arisen since July 4th 1776: were the Founding Fathers justified in rebelling against the British Crown? Due to the Intolerable Acts, unfair taxes, and unfair trade, the founding fathers were justified in rebelling against Great Britain. The foremost reason that the revolution was justified follows poor rule by the British government. In 1774, King George III and the British parliament passed several acts now known as the Intolerable Acts; one of these Acts…show more content…
Most of the goods that were brought to the colonists for trade were heavily regulated by the British government and priced much higher than usual (Edgenuity). In exchange for these overpriced goods the colonies bartered a wealth of products such as whale oil, timber, and tobacco. The uneven weight of trade value between the colonies and Britain caused a negative flow of economy between the two, one that could only be fixed through loans from British banks. While this greatly boosted the British economy, the setup would lead to an eventual crash and a large colonial debt. When the colonists realized this, they began to boycott British goods, they hoped for the British to lift the heavy taxation and to equalize the cost of goods. The fact that the colonists had to take action to achieve what they felt were only their basic rights angered even many British
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