Were Watching God Hunger

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In the novel Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston, Hurston expresses Janie 's hunger to find true love which aided Janie 's quest to have satisfaction within herself. A quest is a long or arduous search for something that is trying to be embraced. In Janie 's three marriages she gained strength, courage and wisdom in hope to find her truest self. Janie 's first marriage with Logan Killicks was arranged, and forced upon by Nanny. Throughout the marriage Janie 's quest to find love was dismissed. Logan was just an obstacle to Janie 's long quest for true love. Hurston writes, “The morning air was like a new dress... that made her feel the apron tied around her waist” meaning that Hurston uses a metaphor of a dress to describe…show more content…
Janie 's marriage with Jody showed her how to gain her self confidence and stand for what she believes. Hurston explains, “That night he ordered Janie to tie up her hair around the store… she was there for him to look at not the others.” Janie 's beauty was always a mark of distinction; Jody binding Janie 's hair was one way that Jody showed ownership of Janie. Janie’s idea of love was for it to be natural like a pear tree, but Jody was stifling the growth of the tree and their love. Later on in the chapter Janie finds her wings when Jody dies: “She did not reach outside for anything , nor did the things of death reach inside her to disturb her calm.” Janie hides her joy by ironing her face with starch to show no emotion. Jody’s death was Janie 's next step in her long quest for her true self. When Jody died he took Janie 's old self with him to the grave. Janie has become fully aware and blossomed into a full tree in her quest to find herself.
In the beginning, Janie and Tea Cake’s relationship was too good to be true. Janie quickly realized that what you want may be what you should live without.Hurston writes “But to kill her through Tea Cake was too much to bear. Tea Cake, the son of Evening Sun, had to die for loving her.” Even though Janie blames herself for Tea Cake’s upcoming death. Tea Cake got rabies because he loved Janie enough to save her from the rabid dog. Hurton metaphorical use of the evening sun to compare Tea Cakes downfall helps the reader
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