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Films representing the early 1900s never interested me, so you could imagine a novel. All that changed after reading Zola Neale Hurston’s Their Eye were watching God. In 1937, Zola Neale Hurston published the feminist novel Their Eye were watching God that helped changed societies view on women today. Hurston was an amazing author who wrote with her head, as well as her heart. Death, travel, murder, love, hate, gossip, politics and life were many Parts of Zola Neale Hurston’s their eyes were watching god that struck me as profound and interesting. The novel exploit three significant themes gender roles, race issues and identity. To my surprise during my reading I developed an emotional connection with Janie. Hurston is able to use Janie as a monument to portray the feminine roles bounded by the society of that time. Janie's a beautiful black southern woman who is search for love, identity and happiness. Young and Uncertain about her life Janie follows her Nanny’s wish and marry a man of…show more content…
Once her husband passes away, Janie views Jody's death as emancipation from the dominance he had established over her. She took advantage on her newly gained freedom and acted as such by letting down her hair, something Jody forbid due to its sexual undertone considering the other males in town. Also, she rebels against his wish to be called Jody by referring to him as Joe, symbolizing Janie no longer being under Jody's control. Janie tells Phoeby that she feels that widows do not need to mourn for such a long time, suggests that she believes women do not need to stay tied down to a man but rather should continue to find joy and pleasure in their lives even after loss. Although Janie is criticized by her society, she is seen as a pioneer of feminine freedom in a patriarchy dominant world. Jody’s deaths represented her being free from man’s commands and continues her search for

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