Meinhold 5 Stages Of Human Development Essay

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According to Werner J. Meinhold there are 5 stages plus 2 main cycles of development that human being passes through in which the first 5 stages complete a cycle. In each stage there are specific needs, wishes and desires to be fulfilled to allow healthy human development. Each stage builds over the next stage like building blocks. Imagine a building with 5 floors, during the building phase the contractor didn’t provide the correct slop to the 2nd floor, which causes this floor to have problems in sanitation and flooding. No one noticed during the building phase this problem however it was only noticed after the building’s opening. This made the building owners to preform constant maintenance to the 2nd floor and consequently the slop of all the above floors will suffer from the same incorrect slop causing the same problem of sanitation. Similar to the building example mentioned, the psychological human development takes place in the same manner. For example if 2nd stage (Oral stage – age after…show more content…
For example if my mother used to tell me when I was a child that I have to do better at school, get better grades and my cousin is at the same class with me and getting better grades than me, the child will create a feeling what I’m not good enough and I have to do better all the time no matter what I do (performance/production) is not good enough because my mother is not accepting my performance. When the same child who’s still carrying the lack that he’s wasn’t doing well at school which was transferred to him by the mother becomes an adult having subordinates reporting to him he’ll be constantly asking them to do better regardless if they are really do well or not, he will constantly require him team to produce more and perform more hence he’s projecting his own lack/expectations (mother didn’t accept him performance) towards my
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