Wes Moore Analysis

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have it quite as well, however. His father was still alive and well, but left Wes with Mary, and didn’t care to have a relationship with his son. One of the few times Wes interacted with his father was when he went to his Mamie’s house. His Mamie was his father’s mother, and his father just happened to be drunk. Wes Moore, the author, attended a very expensive private school, but he did not try to excel. He felt very out of place as he described, "I was becoming too rich for the kids from the neighborhood and too poor for the kids at school” (Moore 53). Because of his feeling, he began to skip a lot of school and expressed no interest in classes or activities. Because of this, Joy enrolled him into military school. At the beginning of the school year, Moore decided to fight her decision by refusing to show interest in his education again, but after a while, he developed a new mind set and he made a drastic change.…show more content…
Soon, he became one of the most respected sergeants and students. After Wes graduated from Valley Forge Military School, he then decided to stay there for community college and then become a lieutenant in the army. He was very successful in the army and this ended up turning his life around. Wes went from a life of drugs and violence to becoming a successful and respected lieutenant in the army. He learned how to have a better and meaningful life. A life experience for the other Wes Moore would be when Cheryl, the mother of his third and fourth child is a drug addict. He decided he did not want to be part of the drug game anymore. However, it was late and he ended up being arrested and sent to prison for life .He learned that all of his mistakes will catch up with him and even though he was ready to get out of the drug game he still had to pay for all of the crimes he committed
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