Wes Moore

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“The Chilling truth is that his story could have been mine, the tragedy is that my story could have been his”. This was a quote from the author Wes Moore about the lives of both Wes Moores. The author Wes Moore was brought up with significantly more support than the other Wes Moore, the support that eventually will change his life for the better. The author Wes Moore is currently a free man with a prosperous life while the other Wes Moore is in Jessup Prison, serving a life sentence. The cause for this was the support each man had when they were being brought up in life. The author Wes Moore had a superior upbringing than the other Wes Moore due to having more support from his family, friends, and community. The support and motivation of…show more content…
The paths diverged when the author Wes Moore got enrolled into Valley Forge military school while the other Wes Moore was still in the ghetto part of Baltimore. In Valley Forge, the rules are strict and grueling which made the author Wes Moore more respectful and more discipline than when he was in Bronx. Entering Valley Forge also introduced a variety of mentors that will later help and guide the author Wes Moore in the right way in the future. The other Wes Moore however still resided at Baltimore and will be later influenced on what the general majority was doing. This meant that in a young age, he was selling drugs and will also later be a father before he was in his twenties. With these things at bay with him, he eventually quit school with only a limited 8th grade education. This meant finding a job was almost impossible for the other Wes Moore due to not having a high school diploma and a criminal record. This shows that the communities and environments of an individual greatly impacted their future and molded them into a certain character. During an interview between both Wes Moores, the author Wes Moore said, “Do you think that we are the products of our environments?” This shows that the author Wes Moore feels that there is some correlation between our environments and us. With communities and the environment surrounding a person being a very important and impactful to the person’s life and future, it is no surprise that the author Wes Moore came out to be a very disciplined and successful man compared to the other Wes Moore who is now in prison, serving his life
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