Wes Pomeroy Research Paper

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Wes Pomeroy was the head of security at Woodstock. He originally said no to helping out with the event, but after Stanley Goldstein, director of operations, told him the reason for the event and the goal they were trying to reach, Pomeroy agreed to help out because he believed in what they were trying to accomplish (Makower, 1989, p. 60). Pomeroy was a highway patrolman, World War II veteran, and a chief deputy in California for years. He agreed to help with Woodstock without using violence of any kind because they wanted this to be a peaceful event (Makower, 1989, p.61) Throughout the event, Pomeroy tells about all the drug use, how dirty everything was, sexual freedoms and how happy everyone was. (Makower, 1989, p. 155). Wes felt nothing
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