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Central High School | Wesley Tanh
Where do I begin? I am Wesley Tanh, an 8th grader currently enrolled at Julia R. Masterman Middle School. As an 8th grader, I have the option to enroll to 5 High Schools; one of which will be the school I attend for the next 4 years. One of these schools - not to mention, my first choice - is Central High. In the past years at Masterman, I have only received 2 Bs on my final grade. As a result of my grades, I was given the opportunity to progress a year up in math studies. Since the school’s curriculum already sets their students a year ahead, this places me in a 10th grade math level a.k.a. Algebra II. When you look at my PSSA percentiles, you will glady notice that I am in the 99 percentile for both English and Math. I have also been assessed with the Keystone Exams, passing at an advanced level. Not to be cocky, but I think I’m kind of amazing…Moving on.
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I’d like to describe myself as an open book. An open, unpredictable book. An open, unpredictable book that foreshadows everything. Honestly, I have no clue who I truly am. I’m still looking for myself, and the best place to do that is Central. Some of my hobbies include cooking, exploring nature, exploring in general, expanding my knowledge, volunteering and laying in bed on the weekends while I browse through the vast internet. There is a valid reason for being interested in the last thing. There are not many venues near my neighborhood and no one to take me to one. If my parents didn’t work on Saturday’s I would be volunteering anywhere and everywhere. Figuratively speaking, of
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