West Memphis Three Court Cases

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What really happened the night of May 5, 1993? On that day, three 8 year old boys went missing right after school. All three little boys were found killed and tied up in the stream in the woods. Three boys were charged with the murder of the three little boys. Damien Echols and Jason Baldwin were sitting at Damien’s house when the cops came and apprehended them. Jessie Misskelley was picked up at school. Most people are still trying to figure out if the three boys are guilty or innocent. One will learn about Jessie’s trial vs. Damien and Jason’s trial. The only reason they were convicted with murdering the three 8 year old boys was due to their differences with the rest of society. Jason was Damien’s best friend and they would do everything together. Jessie was just an aquatint to Jason and Damien. Damien was the one that had a really bad reputation. All three boys would wear black, listen to metallica, and were said to be apart of a satanic cult. , as the courts indicated. Damien also had some satanic books in his room. Also one witness testified that Damien had a jar of severed testicles in his room, but it was never proven. The West Memphis Three is still a sore spot for Memphis. Some people still believe that Jessie, Damien, and Jason killed the three little boys. All but one parent of the three little boys still…show more content…
Most of Memphis thought the boys were guilty and did nt want to hear anything else. Damien actually did have a son at the end of this trial. Damien’s girlfriend was interviewed and she was worried that Damien would never get to see his son. The day of the verdict finally came to Damien and Jason’s trial. The jury found Jason guilty and gave him a life sentence with 10 years for two of the boys. Damien was found guilty of capital murder for all three boys and was sentenced to death. Damien kept repealing his conviction so he would not be put to
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