West Nile Virus Essay

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In 1937 Eastern Africa, in the country of Uganda, was the first time that West Nile Virus was identified. The disease then quickly spread to the United States, first reaching New York in 1999. Since then, West Nile Virus has spread throughout the world, including most of North America. Today, many cases are reported primarily in the tropics of North America, South America and Asia. (Con. Spr., 1). Due to the fact that mosquitoes carry the most disease in the early fall, the largest amount of people to contract West Nile Virus per year usually occurs in the months of August and September. Humans usually contract West Nile Virus through contact with infected mosquitoes. Mosquitoes in the genus of Culex are commonly known for carrying West Nile Virus and another plethora of diseases. Mosquitoes get infected by feeding on birds with West Nile Virus. Birds can contract the disease by feeding on other birds with the disease or by…show more content…
Although, people who display severe symptoms usually have to get treatment at hospitals. Hospital treatments include pain medication, being put onto a ventilator and intravenous medication and fluids. Due to the fact that West Nile Virus is not caused by bacteria, antibiotics cannot combat it. There are no antiviral or vaccine treatments existing to treat West Nile Virus. There is also no known cure for West Nile Virus. (May. Cli. Staf., 1). To prevent West Nile Virus, people should try to avoid mosquito bites. Using insect repellent containing DEET and IR3535 will optimize the duration of effectiveness that the repellent has. Wearing long sleeves and pants will also give extra protection. Mosquitoes are often outside the most between dusk and dawn, so staying inside or making sure any skin is covered up at those times will better prevent mosquito contact. Disposing of nearby standing water is also beneficial, because mosquitoes breed in stagnant water. (Med. Plu.,

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