West Palm Beach Drug Abuse Case Study

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West Palm Beach, Florida (FL) was incorporated in 1894, making it one of the oldest and more established communities in South Florida. The city 's main claim to fame is playing host to one of the nation 's premiere music festivals called SunFest. Regardless of it 's status as a relatively quiet community, they still find themselves dealing with drug addiction issues common throughout other parts of the region.

The Hard Facts About Drug Abuse in Florida
Even though relevant information about drug abuse and addiction are unavailable for West Palm Beach, the region as a whole has had significant problems in recent years. In 2013, Trust for America 's Health published a report that indicated the state was ranked in the top 11 for fatalities caused by drug abuse and/or addiction. Any community that resides in a state where 16.4 out of every 100,000 people succumb to drugs needs to be prepared to deal with addiction issues by providing access to drug and alcohol rehab facilities.
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Alternative Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatments For Addicts in West Palm Beach, Florida
For West Palm Beach addicts who might prefer treatment methods other than those offered at traditional inpatient facilities, (client name) offers a variety of progressive treatment options that have proven to be quite effective. Patients are seen on an intensive outpatient (IOP) or partial hospitalization (PHP) basis. They are placed in a tailored drug and alcohol rehab treatment plan that involves evidence-based recovery techniques and group therapy. By addicts staying closer to home, their family members can also be given access to therapy programs that can help the family as a

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