West Point Personal Statement

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The United States Army and West Point are dedicated to the respect of others and to respecting diversity. Each member of the Armed Forces is unique and his or her identity should be respected. Growing up as a military child, I have been exposed to all sorts of people and cultures that are different from my own. Furthermore, many of my classmates, teammates, and friends have come from different backgrounds and I have learned to work successfully with all people. From my experiences growing up around many different cultures of people and from working with them, I believe that I will be successful in working with any person at West Point and in the U.S. Army. Growing up as the son of a career United States service member has provided me with numerous unique and irreplaceable experiences. One such experience is the two years that I spent residing in Naples, Italy. During those two years I traveled throughout Europe and through my travels I became aware that there are many cultures that are…show more content…
Army, I will use my past experiences and skills to successfully work with any leader, peer, or subordinate regardless of gender, color, ethnicity, or religion. I will be success at working with anyone at West Point because I have been doing it my entire life. No matter how different a person is from myself, I envision myself simply operating with them for who they are as a person rather that what they look like or what beliefs they hold. Every person I have encountered has been different in his or her race, beliefs, ethnicity, gender, or religion. This has never stopped me, however, from working successfully with them. I intend to continue this attitude wherever I go to college and beyond. As a military dependent, my peers, friends, and teammates have come from different backgrounds and cultures, but I have learned to look past their gender, color, or ethnicity and work with them for who they are as a
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