West Side Knives: A Short Story

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He was a fighter. A ruthless, aggressive, and hostile fighter. Whether is was school, home, or on the streets, he found a way to cause trouble, and he was in a gang. The West Side Knives were the craziest gang in town, who were known for their robberies of local convenience stores. A collection of misfits, boys who didn 't belong. Jack was the new guy, and he fit right it, or at least that 's what he thought.

The gang was at their meet up spot. The ally behind Carlos ' Pizzeria, which has been closed for years. "Hey Jacky, get over here." Yelled Rough Randy, the leader of the gang. He was a tall boy, who was very strong, and had a horrible temper. The roughest kid in town, Randy has been locked up too for petty theft. All the other boys in the gang followed what Randy said. "Yeah man." Jack replied. Jack saw that Randy was holding something in his hand, and he knew exactly what it was. A long metal object, with a curve on the end. It was a crowbar, something all too familiar to The West Side Knives.
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"We 're planning something big, you wanna be a part?" Asked Randy. "Yeah sure man, what we doing?" replied Jack. Randy paused for a second with a stern look on his face, then replied "We 're gonna hit up the JC Jumpers store on 2nd Street next Tuesday." "Aight man, I 'm down." Jack exclaimed. However, The JC Jumpers store that Randy was talking about was owned by Jack 's

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